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Experience increases in innovation; productivity; profits; customer base; creativity; and employee satisfaction.

Don’t let your organization get left behind while others realize these benefits! A commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in your organizations will translate into more opportunities, better access to talent, and increased business performance.

Get started today and take advantage of BCDI’s no-fee support and offerings to help you realize the many benefits of Diversity & Inclusion of Persons with Unique Abilities in your workforce.

Why BCDI as your Diversity & Inclusion partner?

  1. Services are provided at no fee due to state funding.
  2. Convenient workforce development training on a variety of topics that make you more knowledgeable and successful.
  3. Access to no-fee recruitment resources that help you connect to talent to achieve your vision.
  4. Credibility for your organization’s Diversity & Inclusion corporate goals.
  5. Compliance with provisions of Executive Order 11246, as amended, for Federal Contractors and other existing laws related to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO).
  6. Answers to disability-related questions, including reasonable accommodations.
  7. Guidance and support regarding inclusive hiring practices.
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